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What You Can Expect

***Bookings are on hold until Trophy Lodge receives a business licence for the Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve. This is currently being worked on and our website will be updated when a business licence is issued. Until then we will not be accepting any bookings***

Trophy Lodge’s season runs from approximately the last week of June through the first week of September. We now have complimentary Internet for guest use.

Three airlines fly into Yellowknife (YZF) Air Canada, Westjet or Canadian North and there are several flights each day.  Guests should plan to arrive in Yellowknife at least one day prior to departure to Trophy Lodge.  This provides the opportunity to buy groceries and any other last minute items or supplies that might be needed for your trip.

Float plane charter flights can sometimes have unavoidable delays, and you should consider this possibility when you schedule your commercial flight out of Yellowknife.  You can book a flight that leaves Yellowknife late on the day of your return from the Lodge, or plan for staying over in Yellowknife for an extra night. 

What is provided:

Your float plane flight from Yellowknife to Trophy Lodge is included in your price.

Accommodations are provided in fully-equipped housekeeping cabins.  There is complete bedding, cooking and eating utensils, stoves, fridges, freezers, showers, power, water, heat, and generally everything required during your stay.





The main lodge building is available to all guests, and can be used for group cooking, card playing, sunset watching (later in the season), and other general purposes.

Unlimited use of boats, motors, and gas are included in the price.  The boats are 16 foot aluminum, with 20 HP motors.  Life jackets, dip-nets, paddles, and rain gear (if necessary) are standard in the boats.

There is a small commissary and bait shop where some necessities can be purchased.

What is not provided:

Transportation from your home to Yellowknife, and accommodations in Yellowknife, are not provided.  Any travel agent will be able to arrange these for you.

Guides are not provided at Trophy Lodge.  The area is very easy to navigate, and the experienced staff will give suggestions on locations and local fishing techniques.

Meals and food are not provided, except when pre-arranged for larger groups (at an additional cost).

Fishing licences are not provided, guests can purchase licences at Trophy Lodge.

What to bring:

Fishing tackle

For Arctic Grayling: 
an ultra-light spin cast rod and reel, to 2 to 6 lb test line, with very small spinners in a variety of patterns, or - a fly rod, with flies of various patterns For smaller lake trout, up to 15 pounds, a medium size spin-cast or trolling reel and rod, with 8 to 15 pound test line

For larger Lake Trout, a heavy trolling reel and rod (e.g. a Penn), with lead core or heavy line.

Bait for Lake Trout includes a good variety of spoons, in different sizes, jigs with streamers, flatfish, and frozen minnows (available in Yellowknife).


The temperature of Great Slave Lake remains close to freezing, even during the heat of the summer.  This makes a wide selection of clothes quite essential.

Footwear:  from sandals and runners to heavy warm rubber boots.

Pants:  from shorts and blue jeans to heavy khaki pants and long-johns.

Tops:  from T-shirts through to heavy sweaters.  It is best to have a series of layers that can be put on and taken off.

Coats:  a heavy coat and a lighter jacket.  Floater coats are useful and versatile.

Hats:  Anything that doesn’t scare the fish! 


Personal toiletries, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, a good fishing knife, pocket books, magazines, matches, gloves.

NOTE:  Firearms are not allowed.


Guests to Trophy Lodge are required to bring their own food for their visit.   There are grocery stores, a meat market, and a produce specialty store in Yellowknife where guests can shop for a full range of supplies.  There is also a liquor store for those who wish to purchase beer, wine or liquor for their trip.

Menu planning should be done in conjunction with preparing a shopping list.  Guests can come and go at their leisure during their trip to Trophy Lodge, and with the very long hours of sunlight enjoyed in the Canadian north, it is best to allow for flexibility in meal planning.

Most guests plan for a solid breakfast early in the day, and a larger dinner in the evening.  Lunches are usually taken on the lake, at which times shore lunches with the day’s catch being the centerpiece of the meal, being attractive alternatives to sandwiches and other items brought along from the cabin. The kitchen facilities in our cabins include everything needed to store and prepare any type of food a guest may wish to bring along.